An Interesting Social Media research Report

An Interesting Social Media research Report

A recent Social Media study looking into why people have so many friends on Facebook has pointed towards materialism. The report suggests that those people with a huge friend list are more likely to be more materialistic than those with a shorter friend list.

Reported in the Independent Newspaper here.

One of the points made by the report is that people collect friends on their Facebook account just as they would collect fashion items and accessories in their every day life.

For those that are interested in using Facebook to sell their product, this is actually a huge insight for them. If companies that sell designer products can sift out people with smaller friend lists, this means that they can then just target those that have many friends on their account.

With this style of targeting, there are two key benefits.
Why Does This Research Make Sense Even Before Reading About It?

Let’s say that this research is very accurate, it makes a lot of sense. Those concerned with looking popular and self-image are also likely to want to show a lot of materialistic wealth too.

This is a great hypothesis to begin the research. This is basically what you would set out to disprove to get your answer.

For example, people with many friends on Facebook do not have a lot of materialistic items.

Already common sense would tell us that someone with a lot of friends on Facebook is concerned about looking popular within their Facebook community. It then makes sense why these people would also want to look good out in public.

a)They would want to buy the best fashion items

b)They would want to have the best car

c)They would have the latest technology

d)They would have a lot of friends on Facebook

All these theories go hand in hand. It is true that one size does not fit all, so not every person that has a lot of friends is materialistic. Those that play in a popular local band, or they have a social business. Even though that may be true take 100 people and only 1 of them will be in a popular local band, and maybe 5 of them will have a social business like a fishing club, fishing shop, cycling club, martial arts classes, and so on.

In the end, strip down these people, and it would make sense that the rest of the people with a lot of friends on their Facebook friend list are just average everyday people. Those that have a normal job, an everyday life and no reason to have a lot of friends. What we are saying is that these are the people that do not have a social business and are not in a band.

As you can see. Even before reading the research, we have used common sense to break down the reasons why the research may not be true, and reasons why the research may be true, and we can already make a guess that most people with a lot of friends on their Facebook account are likely to be hoarders – which means it is likely they are materialistic.

Three Benefits to Targeting Facebook Members with Long Friend Lists

If the research is very accurate, which it is likely to be after we used our common sense to break it down, then there are two main advantages to businesses that want to sell their products.

1. These people are more likely to buy something fashionable

Someone that is materialistic is far more likely to spend money shopping compared to someone that is not bothered by material goods. This makes selling for any business much easier; especially if they can then break these groups of people down into further sub groups to suit the products to a groups demographics and personal likes.

2.These people are more likely to be impulsive buyers

Impulsive buyers are loved by any business. Send a little discount code to that person to buy the latest product and that may be all that is needed to persuade an impulsive buyer to make a purchase. With most of the hard work already done via this new Social Media research revelation, all that is needed is for a company to be able to sift through which people are the impulsive buyers.

3.Companies can save money by not wasting Facebook advertising

Many companies that use Facebook paid ads will be looking deeply into this latest research. They can now eliminate people with short friend lists because they research suggests that they are less likely to be influenced by adverts to buy, and they are not particularly materialistic.

Narrowing this down could shave off a lot of people from a target audience on Facebook. Also, the money saved can proportionately be put towards the new campaign to advertise to more people that fit criteria of this latest research.

The result should be more targeted advertising to people more likely to buy because they are materialistic.

4.Target more people for free

If someone has a long friend list and they ‘like’ an advert, the chances of Ad or business going viral are much higher. Plus, those with long friend lists are likely to be friends with other materialistic people who are likeminded and have long friend lists on their Facebook account. There is a lot free advertising that a company using Facebook Ads can pick up by targeting these people.

One thing is for sure, when there is a research paper that cost you nothing to read and it is about Facebook, and you are using Facebook advertising, then any such research is well worth your time looking over. It is free market research that could sky rocket your current Facebook Ad campaign.