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The Importance of Facebook Likes for Your Online Business

We highly doubt there are very many people on the planet that have not heard of Facebook but it holds so much more power than just being a place for people to stay connected. It has now become a hugely powerful marketing tool for businesses which are able to have business pages listed on the platform for people to find, follow and converse with.

If you know Facebook then you are likely to know about the Facebook ‘like’, a thumbs up that people can give to posts, comments and pages on the platform. If you are running a business, when you get these likes given to you, you are getting more than just one happy person – you are potentially finding many more.

How a Facebook Like Can Help Your Business

When that person likes your business page he will automatically subscribe to any future posts that you make. This means that straight away you have one more set of eyes that could see what you are posting. Secondly, if that person were to share any posts that you make, that number of eyes potentially has the chance to multiply.

Each and every fresh like that you get has a big chance of doing the above so before long you could have hundreds or even thousands of likes as your content is shared from friend to friends.

Likes Build Trust

Another big benefit to having plenty of likes on your pages is that any new visitor that is thinking about purchasing your products or services but is unsure about you or your company will be able to see that you are popular. They kind of work as a barometer and give you a much better chance of sealing a deal compared to a business with very few likes.

Getting Likes in the First Place

The trickiest part for most businesses is starting out on Facebook. It can be difficult to get those first few links other than those achieved by asking your real-life friends and family to like your page – which as we know, these are not really your target audience.

To get more likes, you have two options when starting out and should probably use both if you really wanted to start to build up genuine likes. The first is to concentrate on quality content when posting so that there is a good chance of it being shared. Second, you could decide to buy a thousand or two likes from places like .

Doing the latter will at least give you a base number of likes to start with and will give that added trust to any new visitors to your page. Of course, good quality content is how you can really attract ‘real’ likes – so always make sure you are creating content that is going to be received well.