How to Get and Use Windows 10 Activation Key

Here you will get all that you want to know concerning your Windows 10 product key, as well as how activation works both on the free upgrade and new retail copies of Windows 10. Microsoft has made every possible effort in making Windows 10 licensing quite convenient. The product key for Windows 10 is an important asset that you need to have whether you are performing a new installation or transferring Windows 10 licensing to another user.

Finding Windows 10 Product key

If you have bought your Windows 10 from a retail store, then the Windows product key or license will be officially known to you. Windows 10 can be bought online from authorized dealers from whom you can buy digital copies of Windows 10, which you can download as a licensed full packaged product. You can buy a genuine Windows 10 from or the Microsoft store where a copy of your product key will get stored in your Microsoft account. In such a case, Microsoft will email you your product key as a confirmation.

Windows 10 Pro Pack Key

If you buy your Windows 10 Pro Pack through the utilization of Easy Upgrade option, you will not get the product key. However, the digital license will be attached to your Microsoft Account that you used when buying. Although in case you decide to transfer your Windows 10 Pro Pack to another user, then you can perform so through the utilization of the Activation Troubleshooter.

Retail Full Packaged Product

You can buy a retail full packaged product for Windows 10 from a retail store, and you will be able to get and use the activation key found in the product box. The product key will get found on a small business card at the back of the product box where you need to ensure that the product key gets stored. The product key is a valuable asset that you need to keep safe, or it is even advisable to have a backup copy.

OEM System Builder License

In most cases, you will find the Windows 10 activation key inside the package found on the certificate of authentication. You may also get it on a sticker attached to the chassis of the machine if you bought your computer from a white box vendor. However, most new computers come with the Windows 10 pre-installed, and the product key will found somewhere within the motherboard firmware.

Imagine Campus Agreement

If you got the Windows 10 through an Imagine Campus Agreement or service, the product key would be found from the Dreamspark download page after purchase. Therefore, a purchase confirmation will get emailed to you like a copy of your product key. However, some campuses use the KMS in handling product activation then in such cases you will not get the product key. Therefore, the campus network or VPN trough KMS will activate your system automatically, but you must join the campus network so that you do not lose your access license.