Is SEO Dead or Has It Just Began?

One of the questions I get asked the most is regarding SEO. Most people ask whether it is worth it or not. For me, I would say SEO has just began a new era of ranking.

Without beating around the bush, I will just jump straight to the point. The reason so many people think SEO is dead is because they are cheap! It is harsh to say this, but they don’t understand that websites like SEO Clerks and such like are not where real SEOs operate.

The problem with SEO marketplaces is they talk the talk, but do they not walk the walk. Their marketing is based on the pretence that services being sold by sellers on their website are the key to safe, quick, and expert SEO rankings. That may be true for about 2% of the people selling SEO, but for the other 88%, they are pretty much selling you the opposite to SEO.

If you are buying services that cost $50 for 50 links and sometimes 1,000 links, claiming a secret hack to Google’s algorithm, you are being conned. There is no secret hack to Google. Only good content and branding your business will help Google recognise that your website is worthy of great rankings.

Cheap Spam SEO Does the Opposite To Ranking

People that have been buying spam SEO from corrupt SEO marketplaces are mostly cheap skates. They are the ones that are spreading the word that SEO is dead. In reality, cheap SEO is dead because spam no longer works.

Those that have been buying cheap spam SEO services, and those tricked into doing so (usually new comers to the scene) are basically buying SEO that is counterproductive. Honestly and truly, these services should say – “If you want to destroy any chance of ranking your website, then buy my service”.

Seriously, these people are immoral, don’t care, and just want to rip you off. They also do not care that you may have spent thousands of dollars on your website. They will still destroy any chances of organic rankings all the same. It is a crying shames these sellers exist.

The Argument I Always Here

Truly I do not know where this comes from, but there are a lot of people out there that refute my answer to slating grey hat or black hat techniques. They say they are still able to rank using methods that are cost effective and could be deemed as spam

Why Do These People Claim Their Blackhat tactics Still Work?

One of the biggest problems in the SEO marketplace as a whole is that there are so many influencers that have established themselves. On paper or on the internet they look like the kings of SEO. This is because they once were. In some respect they still are. However, what they are doing is using their pre-built influence to continue selling the spam and PBNs they always have sold.

This is a HUGE problem in SEO. The once ranking masters and now nothing but marketers. They can’t just stop marketing the spam that Google once accepted as a powerful ranking factor.

What do these people do? They got to rich from SEO in the past that they just increase their marketing budget to make sure they continue earning and fooling people that they are still the master of SEO rankings.

They use teams of influencers, writers, Social Media bods and more to refute anyone out there trying to help people rank legitimately. That means when someone like myself comes along and writes an article like this, their teams of influencers and refuters are going to tell everyone out there that is article is BS.

SEO Influencers Use Their Past Profile to Influence Newbies To SEO

When they refute articles such as this one it goes something along the lines of – “Look at me – I have thousands of followers, an e-book, a testing crew, blog, reviews from these big businesses – you don’t know what you are talking about” and so on.


These guys do not want to give up their empires. Rather than readjust or admit that the theories they have been selling you for the past 5 to 10 years are now outdated, they continue to use their marketing influence to sell you the same old tripe.

Now this is not good news if you had a website that ranked, but was suddenly penalised destroying your business’s online visibility. You can ask them why, and they will blame it on you. It was you that did something wrong – because look – here is proof we are still ranking!

In the end, you spend more money trying to get back what you once had, only to finally realise that you need to throw the towel in and start again.

SEO Is Not Dead If You Use White Hat techniques

One thing is for sure – White Hat SEO is not cheap. You cannot just go out there and pay $100 and expect Google to recognise your website. It takes time and effort to bring your website to top of the organic search results. At the same time, you have to make sure that your investment is going to be worthwhile.

The great thing about White Hat SEO is that you do not necessarily have to continue paying for monthly services. The opposite was true of black hat or grey hat style SEO. That is because PBNs need consistently updating. You need to continue sending links to your website because the old spam links expire: “Know as Link Rot”.

In addition to this, people needed to continue buying SEO services to rank because the competitors were doing the same. SEO then did not require a huge monthly investment to stay competitive.

FACT: Cheap SEO Is Dead

To become a master of White Hat SEO, you need time. You need the time to create a user-friendly website. You also need to invest in decent content. It does not always have to go viral, but to stand a chance of people reading it, it needs to high quality. Then you need to include royalty free images, fresh ideas, and Social Media to push the content out into the World Wide Web.

None of this comes at a cheap price. Whether it costs you time or money, ranking on today’s Google search engine is no longer a case of buying a $50 service and letting someone else do all the work for you.