Zone Telechargement Technology

Making the switch to Zone Telechargement

When last have you actually paid for a download? If your answer is ‘recently’, then you might be interested in reading about Zone Telechargement.

Before the internet, we were forced to have to go to a shop to make a purchase. As soon as the internet came out, vendors started selling their products and services online. These were very successful and some of the largest shops in the world are currently only online. The only problem with the digital content is that it can be pirated.

Zone Telechargement’s beginning

One such way to download online content for free is through zone de telechargment. The website started way back in the early 2000s as a means for French speakers to download popular content, mostly with French subtitles/translations.

There were many places to download content for free, but Zone Telechargement was different in that it didn’t require P2P (peer-2-peer) downloads, but used DDL (Direct Download Links) instead. These links were categorized and their website, and took users away from their site, to the actual site where the download takes place.

This took some of the risks away from Zone Telechargement as they were not personally responsible for any pirated content. They were simply a form of a library for other sites that were allowing free downloads.


Naturally, there were people who weren’t happy that a website like Zone Telechargement was running. It was at this time that many online piracy sites, like PirateBay, were receiving a lot of attacks from government institutes.

The site fell under the radar of the officials and very soon they were shut down. Three arrests were made, two of which resulted in short jail terms. The site has never been the same since then and has gone through multiple reformations. It is unsure whether the original founders are actually involved in any of the new Zone Telechargement spin-off sites that have popped up over the years.

However, even though the website has experienced its ups and downs, there is still a version of Zone Telechargement that is up and running, allowing the direct download of various paid-for content.

Using Zone Telechargement

Whenever you use an online downloading site, whether it be P2P or DDL, it is recommended that you make sure your privacy and data is secure. There is no way to be 100% protected at any time, but there are a few steps that you can take to improve your security.

The first one is obvious and it requires you to have an up-to-date antivirus/malware software. You never know if someone has tampered with a download, putting in various malware or viruses. In order to protect yourself, make sure your antivirus software is regularly updated so that nothing get’s past your firewall.

The next important software to get is a VPN (Virtual Private Network). These programmes allow users to hide their IP address, and therefore their identity, behind a fake IP. This ensures that you are protected from any prying eyes that are trying to find out who is downloading illegally.

Finally, make sure that you are clever about things. It is impossible for you to know for sure whether or not the link you are using is secure, but do some research before jumping into it. Find out which links are recommended by other downloaders and try stick to these ones. Any new links should be analyzed before using.