Online Permaculture: Technology Working with Nature

Permaculture e-learning

Here is a great example of how the concept of natural living work in harmony with technology. From live courses on a Permaculture facility, the popular courses have now made their way online so people can now learn the concept without having to travel to a Permaculture center and familiarize themselves with the concept at their own pace via an online.

You may or may not have heard of a concept named ‘Permaculture’. It is culture that has been widely growing popularity and it focuses on natural living. This not only means eating naturally, it is a culture that helps to remind you that consumerism is not a necessity, that you can live in a natural building, and if you are serious about Permaculture, you don’t need money.

We speak a lot about how to market websites, SEO, website design, and technology. When we came across the concept of Permaculture, which is orientated towards living a natural life, it was very interesting to see how a movement focused on facets of life that discourage using technology is in fact using technology to reach out to people.

It seems that today we are all so engrossed in the internet, smartphones, the latest TV and gadget that even Permaculturists have realised that technology is a necessary evil to be able to spread the word.

Without technology, most people would probably be oblivious to the fact that Permaculture even exists as a way of living. With all the problems us humans are causing to our planet, it is the Permaculturists that will be the ones in the end that we will all need to turn to. They are the ones that have the knowledge and mindset to take action and teach us that there is an alternative to consumerism and environmentally harmful living.

It seems sad to say that technology is the only way they are able to create awareness. However, this is the way of the world and when I saw this company in Thailand named Raktamachat, I was very impressed to see that they understand the internet is a necessary evil in order to increase the number of people on our precious planet understand how they can reduce their carbon footprint, and change the way they think about life.

Most companies that run this style of teaching will avoid technology altogether. However, however is the problem. If you avoid technology, then how will people ever know that practises designed to save our world exist?

Unfortunately, there is no way for them let the world know without actively going out there online and using the technology available to them to make sure they extend their reach. Extending their reach means using the most popular form of communication there is – the internet.

Learning online

Online Permaculture Courses

If you would like to visit a centre that teaches permaculture, you have quite a few expenses to consider. You will need to travel there, take time off work, and pay for the course itself. Courses usually start from $800, but in general you are looking at $1,500 for live course. This means the idea of holistic living is not going spread like wild fire. In fact, the opposite is true. Just a handful of people will know about Permaculture and fully understand the concept.

With online courses that are filmed live from real lessons directly from the Raktamachat campus, I found that I could sit back and relax when I had time and watch their course material and even better, I do it at my own pace. I don’t have 1 week to go and take the course spare at this time, but I do want to learn how to save our planet by living a more natural life.

Online permaculture courses were the perfect solution for me. Just like when I began to learn internet marketing. I went online and bought my course from sites like This way I could avoid the huge costs involved in taking a 1 or 2-week marketing course, and at the same time, I could learn at my own pace and even watch he modules I did not quite understand again.

Learning about Permaculture online is exactly the same. Except, I am not trying to become technically advanced as I have always tried to do. I am now learning how become more in touch with nature. This may sound strange for an internet marketer, but life is a balance. OK so I will not become a full on 100% Permaculturist, but you are probably already understanding how I am bringing balance to my life.

Yes, I will always use technology because I need it for my job. Nonetheless, I will reduce my carbon footprint in this world. Without an online Permaculture course, I can 100% say that would never happen had I not found Raktamachat.