How to Get and Use Windows 10 Activation Key

Here you will get all that you want to know concerning your Windows 10 product key, as well as how activation works both on the free upgrade and new retail copies of Windows 10. Microsoft has made every possible effort in making Windows 10 licensing quite convenient. The product key for Windows 10 is an important asset that you need to have whether you are performing a new installation or transferring Windows 10 licensing to another user.

Finding Windows 10 Product key

If you have bought your Windows 10 from a retail store, then the Windows product key or license will be officially known to you. Windows 10 can be bought online from authorized dealers from whom you can buy digital copies of Windows 10, which you can download as a licensed full packaged product. You can buy a genuine Windows 10 from or the Microsoft store where a copy of your product key will get stored in your Microsoft account. In such a case, Microsoft will email you your product key as a confirmation.

Windows 10 Pro Pack Key

If you buy your Windows 10 Pro Pack through the utilization of Easy Upgrade option, you will not get the product key. However, the digital license will be attached to your Microsoft Account that you used when buying. Although in case you decide to transfer your Windows 10 Pro Pack to another user, then you can perform so through the utilization of the Activation Troubleshooter.

Retail Full Packaged Product

You can buy a retail full packaged product for Windows 10 from a retail store, and you will be able to get and use the activation key found in the product box. The product key will get found on a small business card at the back of the product box where you need to ensure that the product key gets stored. The product key is a valuable asset that you need to keep safe, or it is even advisable to have a backup copy.

OEM System Builder License

In most cases, you will find the Windows 10 activation key inside the package found on the certificate of authentication. You may also get it on a sticker attached to the chassis of the machine if you bought your computer from a white box vendor. However, most new computers come with the Windows 10 pre-installed, and the product key will found somewhere within the motherboard firmware.

Imagine Campus Agreement

If you got the Windows 10 through an Imagine Campus Agreement or service, the product key would be found from the Dreamspark download page after purchase. Therefore, a purchase confirmation will get emailed to you like a copy of your product key. However, some campuses use the KMS in handling product activation then in such cases you will not get the product key. Therefore, the campus network or VPN trough KMS will activate your system automatically, but you must join the campus network so that you do not lose your access license.

Which Web Hosting Plan is Right for Me?

Hosting Tips

There are a ton of web hosting companies out there that offer reliable website hosting and will ensure that your website will never go down. With so many choices out there it can be difficult to decide which web hosting is right for you.

In the past if you went for a cheap hosting company, it usually meant that your website would yoyo (go up and down all the time). That may be fine if you have a small website and few visitors because a little downtown would not hurt your business.

However, nowadays with so much competition out there online even for local businesses, a 100% uptime is vital.

Plus, for this companies that need their hosting to stay up at a 100% rate because they have so many web visitors, down time is something they cannot afford to have.

Web Hosting Comparisons

Luckily today there are some very good companies out there that help you compare the best web hosting packages so you can pick the one that is right for you.

Not only that. You can get coupons from many of these websites so you can get a discount on any web hosting that you sign up for. is a site that I have used before to get my own web hosting for my own customers. The reason I use this site is because they have an expansive range of coupon codes and they also offer some great advice about hosting.

For example, not many of these websites that are offering their various hosting deals mention anything about Google Hosting. What intrigued me the most about the Already Hosts website is the up to date information they provide about all the various hosting options out there including a very rarely mentioned Google web hosting option.


Choosing the Right Web Hosting

With so many options out there that all look great, it is very difficult to decide which hosting company to go with. Luckily, I have a lot of experience because I have owned many websites over my time.


  • Do you want an email address with your web site’s name in it?

I put this at the top of the list because one thing you don’t want to be doing is going off to another 3rd party company to get your email hosting sorted out. Therefore, if you need an email address with your domain name in it, look for a hosting company that also includes ‘Free Email’ accounts.


  • Do you already own your domain or will you buy a new one?

If you already own your domain, then does the company that you bought the domain with offer hosting? It is often easier just have all your hosting and registrar (domain renewal) in one place. This makes the admin side of your website much easier to handle.


  • Will you be hosting multiple sites?

Should you decide that you need multiple websites, then you can choose a web hosting company that allows you to use a shared hosting package where you can host all your websites on a single hosting platform. They will share the same IP.

One thing to note here is that if you start to get a lot of traffic to all or one of these websites, you may want to consider buying a dedicated IP and upgrading your hosting package for more speed.


  • Are you expecting a lot of visitors?

If you are expecting a lot of visitors, then you will need a more powerful package. Nearly all web companies offer unlimited band width; however, that does not mean the server load can handle a huge number of visitors.

Often when you get a lot of traffic, it is not the bandwidth that is slowing down your website’s responsiveness to quires and requests. It is the server itself. If you are on a shared hosting plan, then there will be many websites all requesting for a piece of the server’s hardware.

Thus, if you are expecting a lot of visitors, get one of the more expensive packages that includes more features with it. Virtual Private Servers are often a good idea.

Having a virtual server just means you will be provided your very own server. That server can be dedicated to you.


  • Do you have a large budget?

As with anything in life, budget plays its part in your final purchase decision. In all honesty, hosting is hosting. There is not a huge difference between all the hosting companies anymore aside from their marketing abilities.

For instance, GoDaddy and Hostgator tend to dominate most markets. This is because they have huge advertising campaigns. Bluehost is also another one. However, they also tend to be the most expensive web hosting.

Do not feel that because you did not choose one of the big 3, that you have gone cheap. Honestly, if you are on a tight budget, then budget hosting is OK. FatCow, iPage and JustHost (just to name a few) are all just as good as the big 3, it is just they do not have as bigger advertising budgets.

For those of you that have been in the business of hosting for a while, you will know Hostgator, GoDaddy and Bluehost are 3 of the oldest hosting companies around- hence, they have managed to build huge profits over the years enabling them to advertise as much as they do.


  • How technical are you?

Not all of us are tech experts when it comes to web hosting. This means that you need something very simple when it comes to web hosting. I came across a company recently called ‘Onlydomains’. They are rarely heard of, but they have some great packages on offer.

Not only do they have great packages, their interface is extremely user friendly. Everything is in the most obvious places, so it is incredibly easy to find your away around. Whereas, even though I do like Hostgator and GoDaddy, I often find that their user interfaces are not too obvious.

Nonetheless, all this means is that it just takes you a little time to figure it out and work your way around.

That is all good and well if you are regularly visiting your hosting interface. For those that are only log into their hosting once in a blue moon, the process of finding your way around once again (because you have forgotten since the last 6 month ago) can be tie consuming.

In short, look at YouTube or any other resources available to you and type in the name of the hosting companies you have shortlisted. More often than not, you will find live examples of people using the hosting interface. This way you can get a good look and feel for each option that you have.


  • Where are you located?

Currently the large majority of hosting companies operate in the USA. This means it is highly likely that most services you purchase will be hosted in the USA. That is not deal if your business is in Europe or Asia.

Although load times will not be hugely affected, techies are always concerned about their milliseconds. If you are in the United Kingdom, then you should be looking into a hosting company that has servers in the United Kingdom that you can host your website on.


  • How big is your website? / What will it do?

Size matters when it comes to websites. If you are going to be hosting a huge website that does any of the following, then the site is likely to grow:

  1. Interacts with users
  2. Offers games/videos/movies/downloads
  3. Has a log on area
  4. Will continually grow in content at a fast rate

Now you can do all this on a simple hosting program no problems. However, once your visitor count grows, you start to get more members, then the server needs to be bigger and better.

Especially if you are offering any type of online gaming. You can imagine that the most popular games out there are located on servers around the world. Each one of those severs needs to be able to handle the load.

In most cases this is not something you will need to worry about if you are starting a new website. Nonetheless, it is good to be aware that sometime in the future you may want to consider the fact that you need better hosting as your website starts become increasingly successful.


Weighing Up All the Options

At the end of the day, choosing a hosting company is almost the same as choosing your next TV or even your next car. For many of us it is a new process; while, for others it is a walk in the park because we have done it so many times or it is like a hobby to us.

If you are not too fussy, and you just want to get a site up, then you are most likely best going with the cheapest option you can find. Just make sure that you use a website like AlreadyHosts or b2evolution so you are being given recommended options.

On the other hand, if you are particular about your webhosting, then take into account the points made above regarding number of visitors, the size of your website, location and so on. You will need to shop around. In this case, as stated above, treat it like you are looking for a new car.

WordPress Drag and Drop Themes Save Costs

WordPress Web Template

Have you heard about the WordPress drag and drop themes that are available now? They are easy to use for both people looking to design their site on their own, or for people looking to hire a professional web developer to design the site for them.


Before I begin, I would like to thank Software Development Naples, a web design company in Naples, FL USA for contributing advice to this blog. You can find out more about this company run by a friend of mine, Andrew at the following link:

Save Time

Firstly, if you are designing your own site, then a drag and drop theme will save you tones of time. On the other hand, if you are hiring a web dev company to design the theme for you, then you will also be saving them time using a drag and drop theme.

Saving time on web design is incredibly important because time is money. You can concentrate on other important aspects of your website such as getting traffic, sales processes and other important aspects such as running your business!

Avoid Admin Fees

Buying a theme in advance or having at least a short list gives you another cost advantage. you can approach the web developer already with a theme in mind and avoid the admin fees a web development company would charge you for looking at themes on your behalf.

Remember that you may feel that selecting or buying a theme is not something that should be charged.

On the contrary. As with your own business, using resources comes with a chargeable cost. Whether you charge this at an hourly/daily rate or include this into the profit margins of your product/service, you will be looking to make a return on your services.

For web dev companies this is the same. Somehow in the costs, the time spent searching and even purchasing a theme will be somehow fathomed into the final cost. Therefore, being prepared with a drag and drop theme that you like will give you distinct cost advantage.

Can I get Responsive Themes?

If you come across a WordPress theme that is not responsive, then ignore it. In fact, there should not be any website templates out there for sale today that do not offer a responsive design. The reason for this is because in today’s mobile and the move crazy digital environment, a non responsive website is as near as dammit a dead website. This is the fact of life when it comes to web design in today’s modern digital era.

Where can I find out more?

You can check out this website for WordPress drag and drop themes. They are available at very good prices and you can save costs with your web developer by buying the theme yourself before they quote you. This is a great example of what is out there.

Make sure you decide upon a theme or a selection of themes. Make it easy for your web developer to help you make the right choice. If you start to change your mind all the time or you become indecisive, then this could end up costing you more time and money. On the other hand, as this is your company website, you do not want to rush things or choosing the wrong theme could cost you a lot of money in redesign later on. It is a bit of a catch 22.

Finally, you will have an easy to use and almost effortless website to design and maintain. This is where you want to be in the end. Something that does not take too much time, but gets across your brand image and services in such a way that it engages your visitors and brings in sales if making money from the site is in fact your final objective.

Any questions, please feel free to email me via my contacts page.


Why Optimize A Business Website With Responsive Web Design?

Most business owners have no idea that they are doing their business a great disservice by having merely a single version of their business website. These days, responsive business sites are essentially required in order to keep a business current and up to date with the latest technological trends.

Not having a responsive website cannot be afforded by businesses operating in the digital climate of today. So, one of the reasons you should optimize your business website for mobile devices is to enable you to meet the needs of the people who seem to be always on the go. You will risk losing your customers if they cannot access your business website on their mobile devices.

Why are responsive sites so important?

A Distinct Viewpoint

One of the reasons a responsive website will be important for you since the information available on your website will become accessible on mobile devices. These days, millions of people are viewing websites on their smartphones via mobile internet access. The main, original version of your website will not appear the way it does on a computer screen, on a mobile device, since they usually have very small screens.

The layout of traditional websites gets distorted on smartphones making it hard to view them and navigate through them. Often mobile users are able to view important to information or need to do a lot of clicking and scrolling to get to the information they want to view. So, if your website is really difficult to navigate for mobile users, then they will move on to some other site that is accessible on their mobile device, and they will never return.

Streamlined Information

When accessing a website on the go on their mobile devices, people generally expect to a totally different experience than when accessing the same website on their computer. When accessing users on their mobile device, mobile users usually hope to find the information they are looking for easily and quickly. Most mobile users want immediate access to the details they are in search and most of them do not have the time to browse through an entire large website on their mobile device.

This is why responsive business sites do a better job of catering to their specific needs, conveniently and instantly providing them with the information they are looking for. If you have a responsive business site, then it will excellently fulfill the requirements of mobile users. If you do not have a responsive business site, then those who access your site on their mobile device will quickly get frustrated and leave.

Developing a responsive website for their business has become almost mandatory for the business owners of today since more and more people are accessing the web using smartphones. People will think your business is not up to date if you merely have a single version of your business website.

Developing a responsive website is not so difficult and can benefit your business to a great extent. So, when it comes to creating responsive business sites, business owners should wait any longer.

How online mobile technology has transformed businesses

Online mobile technology has played an immense role when it comes to the corporate world. Today, millions of businesspersons from different parts of the globe are utilizing online mobile technology to take their businesses to the next level. Over the past years, business strategies have been involving with new technological changes being introduced in the corporate world. Businesses that have stuck on the old way of doing things have been edged out of the market by the innovative ones. Here are some of the ways online mobile technology has changed the world of business.

Improved marketing strategies

BusinessMarketing has greatly transformed since the inception of mobile technology. Each day, there are better ways of marketing products hitting the market as online mobile technology grows. More and more business owners from all over the world are now turning to mobile technology to market their products in different areas. In addition, businesses can take advantage of free WI-Fi in order to collect important data about different products as well as services on the market so that they can take the necessary steps. In simple terms, implementing mobile technology in the corporate world has become a norm considering the endless list of benefits that entrepreneurs expect at the end of the day. Online mobile technology has led to use of social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in marketing goods and services to customers from various parts of the globe without spending much on the same.

Optimize operations

Online mobile technology has made business operations not only smoother but also swifter than they used to be in the past. The introduction of new trends in the business world has led to the streamlining of operations. One of the technologies that can be associated with the streamlining of affairs within the business is cloud computing. Today, businesspersons can store data in the cloud as opposed to having many files in different areas of the office.

Better customer experience

Online mobile technology has improved the experience of customers in the corporate world. Most businesspersons are now investing money in making their businesses more responsive than they were in the past. Most of the customers tend to search for different items on the internet. Businesspersons have capitalized on mobile technology to improve service delivery. Furthermore, customers can now convey their concerns and feed on different products as well as services, thanks to technological changes in the business world. The interactive methods have assisted in maintaining a clear communication framework among different stakeholders in the business world.

Promotes collaboration among colleagues

Online mobile technology has enabled business to expand their workforce to the international platform. With mobile technology in place, members of staff can collaborate from all over the world. Through keeping in touch with one another and sharing knowledge about the various aspects, businesspersons are more likely to reap more from their ventures at the end of the day.

In conclusion, we cannot overemphasize the role played by online mobile technology in the business world. This technology has optimized operations in the business world, improved marketing strategies and improved the customer experience.

Modern Social Media Applications For The iPhone

The trend of social media is continuously growing and by developing iPhone apps, developers are jumping on board to make millions. These days, no business is limited to a specific region. When it comes to making a business a global venture, reaching for an audience becomes convenient via social network using Apple iPhone apps for social media. There are a variety of ways in which business can be promoted worldwide using the best iPhone apps for social media.

iPhone social media apps can help you advertise, brand, and promote your business in many ways. Thus, following are some of the best apps for iPhone, which are conveniently available at the Apple app store and will help you take full advantage of the social media.

1. Tweetbot

It cannot be denied; Tweetbot is one of the top iPhone apps for social networking. If you have been in search of the best iPhone app for Tweeting, then Tweetbot can be regarded as an upgrade to the default Twitter app. Everything that might be needed for the Twitterverse is provided by this full-featured Twitter client. This social media iPhone app is equipped with double tap updates, pull to refresh, push notifications, swipe controls, etc.

2. Facebook

Facebook has created quite a buzz around the world. The proprietary Facebook app is also one of the best social media apps for new iPhone, even though load times are occasionally slow. Nonetheless, the Facebook app for the iPhone is necessary for staying in touch with your Facebook friends and all the pages you follow. Regardless of a few minor issues, the Facebook app is still much better than many other social media iPhone apps available on the iPhone app store.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is also among the best iPhone apps for social networking, especially if you want to share all kinds of your favorite images. One of the great things about Pinterest is how you can use photos to interact with others, and is why it has gained great importance. The Pinterest iPhone app is far more impressive than the site itself. The app will bring the Pinterest website right to your iPhone.

4. Instagram

Instagram made its way among the leading social media sites in a very short time, and now it was recently purchased by Mark Zuckerberg, thus becoming a part of Facebook. Instagram has granted everyone the ability of enhancing and modifying their photos, to make them something unique, and this is why the site has more than 50 million members. The Instagram iPhone app is incredible yet simple, which can be used for taking pictures, applying unique filters to them, and sharing the modified pictures on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

5. Flipboard

Flipboard is a remarkable product. All the above is brought together in a single magazine like package and this is why it is also one of the top iPhone apps for social networking. News, RSS feeds, social networks and more can be added into a single product with Flipboard to catch up and read the most-recent gossip.

The importance of iPhone apps for social media cannot be denied. They have made social-networking sites conveniently accessible even when on the go for those who own an iPhone. Best of all, these best iPhone apps for social media can be directly downloaded on an iPhone from the app store.

Social Media

How to design Mobile app for gaming websites

Mobile game design

Do you want to design Mobile app for gaming websites?

If the answer to this question is yes then you have come to the right place. There are various tools that can help you when it comes to designing your mobile application. It is not mandatory to be a pro before you can design a mobile application that will leave many people impressed. Today we want to guide you on how to design a mobile application for gaming websites from scratch. This article has outlined some of the things to take into account when designing a mobile application.

Weigh the available Options

You have to determine whether you want a mobile site, mobile application or both. This will help you to get started easily Before you embark on the process of designing, you need to take your time and figure out that format or formats that can meet your goals at the end of the day.

This does not need to be a daunting task especially if you have the passion to go over the same. For instance, as yourself if you want to create a game or utility before you make any other step. It is good to concentrate on how you can design your native application instead of worrying about how other browsers are going to interpret the content you are going to include in the application.

For example, at our business, we have both the mobile optimized site as well as applications that can be supported by Ipad and Ipod devices. We have ensured that the mobile optimized sites and applications have been availed for a wide range of devices. This is because we offer our client with full experience that they are not likely to find elsewhere in town.

Where is the application going to be used?

This is another important thing that many of use tend to ignore when designing an application, which should not be the case. Once you have opted to create a native application, it is wise to consider where you are going to use the same. How you are going to use the application can impact on the way it should be designed either indirectly or directly.

It does not make sense to create an application only to realize that it does not meet the needs in place. if you want to create an application for certain functions, ensure that it has all the features needed.

Understand different Screen Sizes

Screen size and resolution are very important when designing an application. Although the application is meant for mobile use, it must have a consistent look and feel. This can only be achieved through proper choice of the resolution and size. Check at the user interface and graphics of the application among other elements when designing.

Adhere to the existent UI Conventions

As much as you want to create something unique, you cannot deviate from the existent UI Conventions. The UI conventions will act as the guiding principle to designing a good looking mobile application that will stand out from the rest on the market.

Resources for this blog were also contributed by Their business has relied heavly on their ability to provide its gamers with both a mobile functional website to support the games they help players get better at playing via coaching. We would like to thanks the producers of the website for their input on this article.

See more more about mobile app designs with Ray Long in teh YouTube vid below:


Top 5 Mobile Apps For GPS Directions As An Alternative To Google Maps

Google Maps is what comes to mind of most people when they using a mobile navigation application. It is also the GPS navigation app that is the most recommended for this very reason and it is not really surprising that Google keeps on updating the app quite frequently.

As in many other areas, Google has been leading the way when it comes to GPS navigation over the past few years, but for whatever reason, there are many people who would rather use some other app. What is also great about all of these apps is that they are put together using AI (Articficial Intelligence).

So, instead of Google, here are some other mobile apps for GPS directions that readers may consider downloading and installing.

1. HERE Maps

Nokia developed HERE Maps and dominated the world of GPS navigation back in 2014. Back in 2015, it created even more buzz when Noke sold it to several leading automobile manufacturers, namely Audi, BMW and Mercedes. The interface of the app is elegant yet simple and users can choose from worldwide mapping options. Local maps can also be downloaded for offline use so a mobile data connection is not always required. Public transit maps and traffic information are also displayed by the app, and places can even be saved to get prompt directions in the future.

2. MapFactor: GPS Navigation

Readers looking for an alternative to Google Maps, will find this classic turn-by-turn GPS navigation app very useful. Map files are downloaded and installed to the mobile phone’s SD memory card so they can used offline as well. OffStreetMap data is used by this app, so numerous countries from all over the world are supported and more continue to be added on a regular basis. It is an effective alternative to Google Maps, even though not as dexterous. Even TomTom GPS navigation maps can be used with this app.

3. Polaris Navigation GPS

This app is truly an all-in-one map source because it accesses Cycle Route Maps, Google Maps, MapQuest maps and OpenStreetMaps. It is like using multiple GPS navigation apps in one and using this app, users can opt to get directions and maps from any of the mentioned sources. A distinct waypoint management system, multiple coordinate formats, trail recording, turn-by-turn directions, and many other features are included in this app.

4. Sygic: GPS Navigation and Maps

This app has been downloaded more than 50 million times over the years. Much like the above apps, the maps offered by this one can also be downloaded so they can be used offline, but Sygic uses TomTom maps. It also has all the standard features that a good GPS navigation app should offer, such as alternate routes, a speed limit display, turn-by-turn and voice guided guided directions. More features in this app can also be unlocked by making in-app purchases.

5. MapQuest: Maps, GPS, and Traffic

Many years ago, MapQuest had been the leading websites whenever people need directions to get somewhere. Even though the competition has increased in the world of GPS navigation, MapQuest is still around, still remains amongst the best and even has an app. Along with standard turn-by-turn directions, the MapQuest app also offers automatic traffic rerouting, live traffic updates, and the option to be able to search of inexpensive gas stations on any given route. Apart from driving, even walking directions can be obtained through the MapQuest app.

Mobile map apps

Questions to Ask Your Future App Developer

mobile-application-developmentEveryone who has a smart phone or any other mobile device knows that many things are done through apps. If you’re looking for someone to develop an application for anything that you need, you’re going to hire an app developer. Having a business means that you have to be present in the online environment on different channels, so if you don’t have an app for your business, then you could lose more than you could ever think.

Now more than ever, the mobile apps have taken everything to a new level, and everything is optimized for mobile devices – the websites and the apps go now hand in hand, so if you’re looking for new ways to reach your customers, a mobile app is exactly what you need to improve your business.

Here’s what you need to ask your future app developer so pay attention.

About Developed Apps

First of all, you’ll want to know about his or her experience – practical experience. Ask where you can see the apps that he or she has developed – there should be a list or a website where you could check them out, but mostly you’ll find them in App Store for apple’s iOS, App World for BlackBerry or even Google Play for Android.

Once you check them out you’ll see if they have the skill that you need from them, if they have the vision or the experience to produce the thing that you want.


List of Clients

Asking about former or current clients can be tricky, but if they are good at what they are doing (and if they are not about to lie out to you) you will get that list. It’s a great opportunity to talk to a few of them and see how they look upon the results of the app developer’s work. If you’ll talk directly to them, you will also be able to check if the person you are willing to hire is the one who has actually developed the apps.

Android-Ios-Mobile-Apps-development-islamabadThe Smartphone

Knowing what type of smartphone the person has can seem trivial, but it’s actually a simple reason behind this question. If the person says he’s good at developing Android apps, then he should have a smartphone that works with the Android platform.

Making Money

Developing an app is about making money so everyone who asks about having a special app designed for them are actually looking for more ways to produce income. Knowing how your app will produce money means that the developer can explain how he will build the app so that it allows you to earn from it. For a free app, the developer also needs to know about integrating mobile display adds, paid subscription services or in-app purchases.


There should be a constant communication between you and your app developer, because the more and better you communicate, the better the app will be. The development process is not easy, so you need to be clear about your goals, the design and the functionality requirements. You could communicate face to face or online, using Skype or other programs, but the goal is the same – to keep an open channel so that you could get in touch as often as possible.


Usually, the person or the company that pays for the app development also owns the rights for using that app. However, to make sure there are no misunderstandings, you should have a written contract with your app developer mobwhere you can write all the things that you are interested in – the length of the process, the expectations, the goals, the payment and also the ownership. This will be your only way of proving that you are the owner, so you need to insert a confidentiality clause, along with clause that says that you are the owner of the app, along with its design, source code and all of its content.