Questions to Ask Your Future App Developer

mobile-application-developmentEveryone who has a smart phone or any other mobile device knows that many things are done through apps. If you’re looking for someone to develop an application for anything that you need, you’re going to hire an app developer. Having a business means that you have to be present in the online environment on different channels, so if you don’t have an app for your business, then you could lose more than you could ever think.

Now more than ever, the mobile apps have taken everything to a new level, and everything is optimized for mobile devices – the websites and the apps go now hand in hand, so if you’re looking for new ways to reach your customers, a mobile app is exactly what you need to improve your business.

Here’s what you need to ask your future app developer so pay attention.

About Developed Apps

First of all, you’ll want to know about his or her experience – practical experience. Ask where you can see the apps that he or she has developed – there should be a list or a website where you could check them out, but mostly you’ll find them in App Store for apple’s iOS, App World for BlackBerry or even Google Play for Android.

Once you check them out you’ll see if they have the skill that you need from them, if they have the vision or the experience to produce the thing that you want.


List of Clients

Asking about former or current clients can be tricky, but if they are good at what they are doing (and if they are not about to lie out to you) you will get that list. It’s a great opportunity to talk to a few of them and see how they look upon the results of the app developer’s work. If you’ll talk directly to them, you will also be able to check if the person you are willing to hire is the one who has actually developed the apps.

Android-Ios-Mobile-Apps-development-islamabadThe Smartphone

Knowing what type of smartphone the person has can seem trivial, but it’s actually a simple reason behind this question. If the person says he’s good at developing Android apps, then he should have a smartphone that works with the Android platform.

Making Money

Developing an app is about making money so everyone who asks about having a special app designed for them are actually looking for more ways to produce income. Knowing how your app will produce money means that the developer can explain how he will build the app so that it allows you to earn from it. For a free app, the developer also needs to know about integrating mobile display adds, paid subscription services or in-app purchases.


There should be a constant communication between you and your app developer, because the more and better you communicate, the better the app will be. The development process is not easy, so you need to be clear about your goals, the design and the functionality requirements. You could communicate face to face or online, using Skype or other programs, but the goal is the same – to keep an open channel so that you could get in touch as often as possible.


Usually, the person or the company that pays for the app development also owns the rights for using that app. However, to make sure there are no misunderstandings, you should have a written contract with your app developer mobwhere you can write all the things that you are interested in – the length of the process, the expectations, the goals, the payment and also the ownership. This will be your only way of proving that you are the owner, so you need to insert a confidentiality clause, along with clause that says that you are the owner of the app, along with its design, source code and all of its content.