James Donaghue SEO

Introducing James Donaghue Freelance SEO Consultant

This is my first blog on this website. I would like to say hello and to just add a note at how proud I am to be a part of this brilliant website.

My aim is to blog about blockchain technologies, SEO, and digital marketing. I am also open to requests. I can write about almost any subject such as business strategies, finance, management, marketing, as well as about life in general. I work as an online freelance writer and SEO consultant specialist, so there is not much I have not come across.

When I first began working as an online freelancer, I took almost any job that was thrown my way. I remember writing 50 articles of 500 words about baby changing tables for $4 an article back in the day. Not my best work at the time I am sure, but I was living in Thailand working as an English teacher not earning much money at all. The writing was a way to bring in some extra cash. I would write in between teaching lessons, on the BTS sky train on the way home, and in the taxi.

Before I was an English teacher, there was no way I would have dreamt about becoming a professional writer. I also had zero ideas as to what SEO was at the time. However, back then in Thailand, all you needed was a 4 week TEFL teaching cert and you were thrown in a classroom. Some took the job as a joke, but me, I knuckled down and made sure I knew my English language structure inside out.

I gained such a good reputation as a teacher I was invited to teach IELTS as a private teacher after school. I took up the invitation, which led me to help university students with their communication arts, marketing, and even business management degrees. It as then that my writing became extremely good, and teaching business management and marketing almost every day for 4 years has meant that the concepts involved with marketing have always stuck in mind.

After my writing skills online became so good, I could earn enough money to give up the school teaching job. I was then a private GCSE economics, business studies and geography teacher, a private IELTS teacher as well as teaching university-level business, management, and marketing.

Soon enough I would step into the world of digital marketing after being offered my first website content management and development job. As inquisitive as I am, I learned the art of online sales funnels using the content as my weapon. It was at this point around 5 years ago that I stepped into the world of SEO and never looked back.

Now I write for over 10 different blogs regularly, and I have an established team of SEO outreach professionals. I still love to write because it is my way of staying in touch with the world. Writing means researching and fact-finding. Then, when you write, it helps you organize your thoughts and the structure of the concept you are trying to write about. All this keeps me ahead in the world of SEO, marketing, business, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies.

I look forward to writing many blogs on here in the future.